Love what you do

The ultimate fantasy for many people is to actually do what they love and love what they do. We read interviews of people who are pursuing their passion and their purpose, people that make their job serve them and not the other way around. Seen on TV, they seem so distant, so lucky, so unrealistically happy. They’re the exception to the following “rules”: Working sucks, we all hate Mondays, we all live and breathe for the weekend. And those my friend, are more limiting beliefs for us to tap into.

Let’s talk business for a while. Once we’ve started to shift our mindset, to create a routine and to build our self-esteem, we may find out that our current job doesn’t inspire us, that what we do for a living doesn’t align with our core desired feelings. Now that we’ve finally seen our strengths and talents, we don’t want to waste them on a dead-end job. We might start to love ourselves too much to stay uninspired, doing things only because we have to.

“Imagine building a super ‘successful’ career as a corporate executive, if all your heart yearns for is to be an artist. You can see progress with no progression.”

– Reese Evans


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