Love how you look

Love yourself as you are right now. Can you do that? It might sound difficult and strange, but we have to -it’s not an option- love ourselves as we are, in order to be able to change. The first reason that this idea works is because the opposite doesn’t. Not actively loving ourselves hasn’t made us happy, so let’s stop doing that and move to the other side. The second reason this works is because when we love how we look we are much more confident (this is why makeup and high heels are so popular!), which nourishes our self-esteem. Another reason for which we need to love how we look right now is because we need to feel our desired feelings every step of the way. “Your outcome depends on how you feel,” says Gala Darling. Last but not least, feeling good in our skin right now means that we stop resisting what we don’t like, we stop obsessing about it and fighting it, we let it go and make it much easier to change. What we focus upon, we strengthen.


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