Life pie is a tracking exercise to get a little bit clearer about your goals or just your behavior, by… rating how you’ve done every month. I did this exercise every month for a year and the results are this fun, tangled web which reminds me of my feelings during 2019.

Life pie as a year in review

I first found out about the Life pie exercise in Julia Cameron’s book “The Artists’ way”. I believe it was a task in week two and to be honest, it left me a bit confused, in the beginning. I found articles referring to the exercise as “the wheel of life” too, but neither the name nor the original source of the exercise matters for me right now. All you had to do was draw a circle and divide it in 6 sections (I’m pretty sure I made some of mine up for 2019, though). Then you draw a dot closer to or further from the center, depending on how high or low you feel you’ve been at each category. The original exercise suggests that you repeat the exercise drawing a different circle, each week or month, but I decided to use the same circle for the whole year.

My 2019 Life pie

I knew the result of my life pie would look tangled and confusing and that was fine by me. Actually, this very thing made me more excited. Not only it gave a level of “coding” for anyone trying to de-tangle my so personal knot of dots and lines, but it also gave me a permission for messy-ness in an overall pressure to be put-together.  

Speaking of pies… 

Speaking of pies, I chose this week’s visualisation to be around the taste 2019 left behind. The taste in our mouths, the taste it would have if it was a room, and I want you to all join me in this experience. 

My life pie artwork

The last step of my 2019 life pie project will be to make an artwork out of it. I plan to use it as a blueprint, color it in and then probably paint over it. I’ll use the inspiration of the moment… And of course I’ll share everything with you, even if it turns out to be a disaster… 


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Until next time, take care.


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