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Welcome to inktoberish 2019!

October with all the “Vlogtober”, “Inktober”, or “Youtober”‘s out there is a great opportunity for me to form the habit of daily art-making (in any way!) and to be consistent on social media at the same time. I chose to do an “Inktoberish” challenge, which will be something like “Inktober”, but more… forgiving I would say. What I’m going to do is to create a piece of art every day, and film and publish a video about it on my YouTube channel. The challenge originally suggests to make something with ink for all the 30 days of October -hence ink-tober. But I will take it a bit more lightly and just make anything! Now for the images that happen to be anywhere close to pretty… I have some plans… see below.



Let’s make a poster

This is my very first “Inktoberish” and from my first pieces of content about art. Naturally, I am a bit nervous and that’s why I want you as a company. But not just watch my Youtube videos, I want you to get involved and have an active part as a result.  From the (hopefully) 30 pieces that we’ll have at the end of the month, we’ll choose, together, the 12 best and create a poster out of them! All of you who sign up will receive the printable file for free and some of you will have the chance to win the print.

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I chose to make my first “Inktoberish” an actual project because I want you to be involved too. You’ll get to be part of the creative process that will result in a poster. And for that you’ll get the chance to win the printed version! Sign up below and we’ll be in touch!


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