“Friday” is, in fact, a personal name. It’s my name. I’m not being dramatic. I’m greek and my name is Evi, which is short for Paraskevi, which in Greek means Friday. So, yes, I actually am Friday!

My new podcast Hello I’m Friday

I‘m so happy to announce my new podcast, Hello, I’m Friday! The whole thing will be all about experiencing some Friday on Monday morning. This basically means to let go of any tension all your to-dos might bring, and any resentment you might have for things you can’t avoid.

There’s too much discussion on social media about Friday excitement and Monday blues. In a deeper level, it’s kind of sad because it seems most people don’t feel excited about their work. Moreover, because we haven’t found a way to take lightly the must-dos. In a more entertaining level, the memes and the giggles are amusing and make it easier to describe a feeling just by mentioning a day of the week.

It’s an experience

As everything I create (from now on), I want every episode of the podcast to be an experience. Not just another piece of content to passively consume. This is why, in the second half of every episode, I’ll be painting you a picture using words. And I’ll do that to engage all your senses and make it a vibrant scene you can feel like you’re in. You can either listen to it as a story or -if it’s safe for you- close your eyes and fully immerse into it. You always have the choice and you’ll get to enjoy the whole experience either way.

“If it’s free you are the product”

My beloved Alex Box said once (or at least I heard it from her) “If it’s free, you are the product”. So I want to let you know that there will be (clearly marked) promotional messages in the podcast, promoting either my own offerings. Alternatively, you’ll hear about products or services I adore and would share with you either way. Other than that and occasional affiliate links here and there, don’t expect manipulative tactics from me, trying to push you into buying (into) anything. Find more on what I believe about marketing in this episode.

That’s exactly why I need your help to spread the word. If you like something you heard on my new podcast, if you feel inspired by something you saw, if you know someone you would too, please share this piece of content and future or past ones, please bring more people in here, who would find value. That’s the way to support me even if you never buy from me!

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I know, believe in and support all the benefits visualisation offers, as a meditation practice, as manifestation practice and much more. But I’m not here for this. I want to offer you a beautiful, artistic experience, some times kind of surreal, others with more moments of silence for you to fill in the blanks. If all this happens to give you any additional benefits, wonderful! But that would be an added benefit, not the purpose of this podcast, or my work in general.  

Today, I won’t be discussing any subject, since I already spend time talking about the podcast structure and I don’t want to bore you with too long of a podcast. We’ll jump right in to the experience, right after the promo message.  

Don’t forget to join me for some exclusive content, by clicking here! See you there!

Until next time, take care.

Evi Michailidou - Artist - A Pretty Creative

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