Get negative

I remember when I was first introduced to all of this “positive thinking”. The most vivid experience was that it was so damn hard! I remember constantly bursting into tears and thinking, “I can’t do this!” The whole thing left me too exhausted. This was the opposite of what I was signed up for. What I was doing all wrong was that whenever a negative thought came, I tried to ignore it. It talked to me and I pretended I didn’t hear it, naïvely answering, “Oh, I’m so positive! I so see the bright side, now!” I pushed all negativity under the carpet, but it was still there and oh, I knew it well! The idea here is to let all of your negativity come to the surface, acknowledge it, accept it, honour it and let it go. Kind of like the saying, “It gets worse before it gets better.” Then you’re clear and ready for all of the positivity. Express all of your fears and stress on a piece paper or while doing tapping (I’ll talk about this in a later chapter), feel your feelings and let them go.


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