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Day 4 – Which planner to choose

I know, we haven’t actively started planning our year, yet, but we will need a planner for that. Since late October, we’ve been flooded with the newest 2018 planner launches. Personally I find it very difficult to find the perfect planner, this is why I end up getting a simple one and then use a dozen of notebooks throughout the year, to write lists and plans and dreams. I have been eyeing though a few more sophisticated planners that promise to make your life simpler, to perfectly design your day, to make your life a piece of art, or to actually make you happier. I have done my research and give you a few ideas on what to get in each category.

For some people it’s just a planner, but for me the main questions that arise when I think of a planner are:


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To have dates or not to have dates?

The question: The plain truth is that you can start planning your 12 months (or 3 or 1) ahead, any time of the year, so getting a dated planner can make part of it go to waste. But having dates on your planner can help you better schedule things you want to do and plan anything from checkups and appointments, to vacation time and dates with your self.

My answer: At this time of the year, I’d definitely get a dated planner, but if you happen to start planning your work and life at any other time of the year, an open-dated might work better for you.

Just a planner or an actual journal?

The question: With simple self-growth ideas becoming more and more popular, planners that also works as journals are very common in the market. Planners have become more than just scheduling appointments and meetings, and more about reminding ourselves to stay focused on our goals, stay accountable to ourselves, feel grateful for all that we have and feel more confident.  A few lines a day can make big shifts in our daily lives and when it’s in a “Fill the gap” or “Answer this question” form, it gets easier and easier.

But, when you need to plan your personal life, business life, mom life and all those together. Your planner can get messy, and overwhelming, unless you’re very organised and put everything in good order or get a planner with a structure that works perfectly for you.

My answer: I would prefer to have everything in one place, and seeing my whole day at a glance, no matter how many roles I have in that particular day. I will still use notebooks for some messy notes and sometimes I write with pencil to be able to erase things and change my plans up with making a total mess on my planner.

my bonus templates

For work or personal?

The question: Separating and keeping a balance between personal and work life seems smart, mature, organised and over all a “pro” thing to do. Sure, we do have to balance some things out, and leave the work problems behind when we get out of “work mode”, but in essence, I believe it’s not really possible to separate the “two lives”, since we really have one… It’s the same mind and the same 24 hours in the day, the same body that needs to get things done. I have more to say about the work-life balance, but I’ll keep it for another video.

My answer: Though it’s obvious, for me, one planner works best to help me stay organised and in the flow. I will keep some tasks on digital calendars (more on that below) and I always have little (or not so little) notebooks for little (or not so little) ideas.

One planner or one for every subject?

The question: Some times having separate planners for different projects, seems like the thing that has to keep done to keep everything neat, organised and well, sane. But if you want or need to be in a different place, and have to get everything with you, would that work? My answer: I could definitely use a different planner for a big project that required more space and more pages in the actual planner, but I wouldn’t go down that road to micro manage things and tasks, because I feel it would be confusing and hard to get all my work with me at any time. Even though I love the idea of Five Minute journal and productivity planner, I just can’t have one book for gratitude, one for productivity, one for appointments, one for YouTube content, one for personal development, one for morning pages and so on.

Online or Printed?

The question: Planning everything online is ideal to be able to make changes anytime, to have your stuff since throughout all your devices or easily share things with family and coworkers. On the other hand, there’s nothing like writing things down and planning your every day, crossing off things from your to-do list and using the little ribbon as bookmark. I adore technology and gadgets and their practicality, but some things just feel good.

My answer: I always use both. I have my planner, I write things down and organise my goals and some to-dos. Then I also use my iCal and Google Calendar (synced together) for content posting schedule, deadlines, appointments that I might need a reminder or two and I have just started to add birthdays for people that matter (I’m really bad at remembering birthdays, and I don’t use facebook that often to remind me).

In conclusion

All I need is a planner that also works as a journal for simple stuff and quite some notebooks for random notes, for “stream of consciousness” journaling and literally anything that comes to mind. I also need my online calendars with I use in combination and I practically have everything with me at all times and devices. Sometimes, depending on what it’s about, I might use digital workbooks or print a few pages out and work with my favourite pen. I love this idea, because it gives me the option to work digitally, or in print, and I can change my mind any time. This is why I created a few planner sheets for you too, which you can use however you want. Find them on the link below at

As always, I wasn’t planning to give you guidelines on what to get and try to justify it. I tell you my thoughts and my own decisions when it comes to planning, and you can move things around to get whatever works best for you. So, tell me in the comments below, how did this video help you and most importantly, what are you going to do about it?

Now, tell me in the comments below, how did this video help you and most importantly, what are you going to do about it?

I am Evi and this is my way of working on a pretty creative self

Until next time, take care

Evi Michailidou - Artist - A Pretty Creative

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