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Day 3 – Forcing happiness

I was so confused the first time I heard about Christmas Blues. I was about 12 or so and I couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea that someone would be unhappy during Christmas, because of Christmas. Then, I started hearing the reasons why melancholy can appear during the festive season and I think the most common was that people felt obligated to be happy, and this apparently made them sad. As I re-visit the idea now, it feels more like a resistance to some random playfulness and happiness. I mean not everyone has to join the consumerism, the gift giving or spending-hundreds-for-christmas-lights if they don’t feel like it, but we’re given an excuse to feel child like and happy for silly reasons like festive lights, why not take it?


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“Well, Evi, we can’t take it because I have a million and one issues, financial issues, family issues, health issues. Should I just be happy just because I saw a few blinking lights?” Well, yes. I mean, not only in Christmas, anytime take any opportunity to feel happier, to smile for small reasons. Those little moments add up and create a happier life. Actually, practice smiling every day to drive away the negative mood, according to professor Amy Cuddy. I’m not saying that it’s always easy, I am trying to follow my own advice here, but when something funny, nice, silly happens, just give in to the little moment and let yourself smile, don’t resist it because you have problems in your life. In fact, I see people with real problems being more open to random happiness, humour and fun. And as I heard somewhere recently “You don’t have to find out you’re dying, to start living”

my bonus worksheet

This is not about faking a smile, faking happiness, faking optimism or faking anything. It’s about being more open to see the reasons to be happy, the reasons to smile and have fun more often, no matter what’s going on in your life. If you let yourself, I bet you’ll smile more often! Oh, and internal smiling still counts! The point is to feel happy!

Taking this idea to our 2018 planning, think of at least 5 ways that can easily make you smile, laugh, feel happy. It can even be a funny video, a particular joke that made you laugh or an inside joke with your sister. It can be a song, a movie, or something that happened the other day that made you smile. Write these things down, as we’ll need them later on, while planning our year and visit the happy links, people or memories often as a shortcut to a “smiling session”.  As always, I suggest ideas and techniques, but I want you to own them, so feel free to change up the process or even create a whole ritual around it. Do it however you want, as long as you do something.

Now, tell me in the comments below, how did this video help you and most importantly, what are you going to do about it?

I am Evi and this is my way of working on a pretty creative self

Until next time, take care

Evi Michailidou - Artist - A Pretty Creative

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