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Day 2 – Does it spark joy experiment

Every blogger and minimalist planned their closet clear out according to the Marie Kondo method, since 2015, not only because a book told them to, but I believe because someone finally gave them permission, and even ordered them to make practical decisions with their heart. This advice usually appears too romantic and involves great risks of getting hurt, but not in this case. In the Marie Kondo method we are asked to keep only what sparks joy, what we love.

Most decluttering and minimalist methods require you to have a certain number of possessions, maybe 37 pieces of clothing, or own only what you can fit in a suitcase, or keep only things you haven’t used for 6-9-12 months. The plans vary, but no one really said before “follow your heart” before The life-changing art of tidying up.

When planning your year a decluttering session is a must, and even though I’m an avid “declutterer” (have been before the book, my family makes fun of me), I don’t mean just material stuff. The hardest things to declutter, don’t take up physical space, and I find the actual decluttering of your cupboards and drawers is a symbolic move to start tossing out anything you no longer want in your life, be it a draining career, a toxic friend, a bad habit. Some choices are more difficult than others but the more resistance we feel at the beginning, the more liberating will feel afterwards. The deep, meaningful thing that will make the difference in all your choices, goals and intentions is the reason you make them. Why do you want more space in your life? Want to squeeze in a new hobby, to feel ready for a big change, to attract better friendships, to feel available for a new partner? It’s all about finding your why and intentionally act on it. If you do want more space in your life for any reason, decluttering your closet, can be a symbolic act, a tribute to the new empty space you crave, a ritual to creating room for new things and opportunities. If it now feels hectic, how do you expect it to feel afterwards? Relieved? Clean? Spacious? There is no right or wrong answer, just your answer.

I’m not one of those people that would tell you to live in an empty apartment with no furniture and empty walls. In fact I’m not going to tell you how or where to live or be. But I will tell you to consider your own goals, the reasons behind everything you do. How do you expect to feel? Name that intention before you start cleaning up and go on.

my bonus worksheet

A few weeks ago, I was alone in the apartment and decided to give it a good clean. What I mostly wanted was not only to get rid of any dust and dirt, but to feel the place like new, to feel the energy changing. I set that intention and kept it on the back of my mind while cleaning. When my man came back from work he said: “It feels like we just moved in”. He never comments on how clean the place looks, but that particular day, the energy had shifted and he felt it too without even knowing my intention.

Closing this video, if you expect me to give you a homework, a to-do, I will. The idea is simple: look at every area of your life, every single thing you do or own and ask yourself: Does it spark joy? If the answer is yes, keep it and thing of more similar things, acts, experiences that could make you feel this way. If not, just to let it go. Here, you can download the free worksheet I’ve created for you, taking you through the process of keeping and tossing and some ideas to inspire you take personalised action. But what I mostly want you to do is improvise. No Marie Kondo, or Evi will tel you what works best for you. Take pieces you love from this video, pieces you love from other resources and make your own rules, your own rituals and methods and do what feels good (cliché but actually the point here).

Now, tell me in the comments below, how did this video help you and most importantly, what are you going to do about it?

I am Evi and this is my way of working on a pretty creative self

Until next time, take care

Evi Michailidou - Artist - A Pretty Creative

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