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Day 1 – How to have a Pretty creative 2018

Planning out our new year ahead it’s a very exciting process. We start full of energy, determined to make the changes we want to make in our lives. But just as we start jotting down our new resolutions, a nasty voice in our head starts talking… “Yeah, you said that last year too… Isn’t that the same resolution you’d written 5 years ago? You haven’t succeed in the past, why bother and try again?”.

It’s a horribly mean voice, that seems to have a point, that’s why we let it influence our decisions. But, the truth is we don’t have to let it or anyone stop us from wanting, doing, having, trying whatever it is that we want. We do need though a clearer plan, one that is actionable and has stronger foundations. We need to set our goals wiser and most importantly have a clear, strong reason to set them. “It’s all about the why”.

I decided to debut my new YouTube channel, with a challenge, one that will take you through a process of planning your new year, after doing some important work first: deciding what you want and why. In this challenge, we’ll count down, together, to Christmas while doing some self-awareness and self-growth work, through which we’ll set our goals and intentions for the year to come. We can technically do this kind of work any time of the year, but Christmas time, tends to be a universally “new beginnings” season.

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Starting from today, I will share with you one video every day until Christmas, on YouTube Plus, I’ll be creating some (free!) members only content like podcasts, extra videos, printable material and workbooks, here, on my site. So join now, it’s totally free, and take advantage of the full content.

But let’s talk a bit more about having A Pretty Creative year. It doesn’t have to be creative in a way that necessarily involves art, crafts or literature. When I say “Creative year” I mean consciously creating your day to day life, consciously making happy memories and doing fulfilling activities. The goals you’ll set for a creative year, could be relevant to your career, or not, could be artistic endeavours, or not, might have to do with your appearance or not. The point is to set them for the right reasons in the first place, so you don’t end up forgetting all about them before January ends. We won’t try that hard to lose 5 pounds, or make 500 extra euros if you do it just for the sake of doing it. The “success” will come when we set the goals, with deep intentions that come from strong and deep reasons. Our “Why” as you’ll often hear me saying.

Throughout this challenge I will give you exercises, and resources. My aim is to inspire you, to open up a few new channels of thinking your daily life and most importantly to inspire you to take action, to move towards your real goals and not just passively consumer content, ideas and products. On YouTube, I’ll be discussing the general idea of the day, on my Free Membership you’ll find more content, tools and resources and on the privet Facebook group we’ll be able to further discuss and share with one another our thoughts and progress.

I am Evi and this is my way of working on a pretty creative self

Until next time, take care

Evi Michailidou - Artist - A Pretty Creative

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