Whenever people asked me what would I do if money was not an issue, my answer would be “I’d be an artist”

Alex Box’ work never failed to remind me of that, even if I never before had the courage to do something about it.

I admired Alex Box since the moment I knew anything about her. To me, she was the makeup artist living the dream, getting to be as creative as she wanted without following instructions from anyone. She was the art director. She was there to “direct” the creative part of a makeup brand… The-dream.

The newsletter from Alex Box

One day I received a newsletter by her saying she’d leave Illamasqua (the makeup brand) to further develop her art. I was shocked, inspired and even scared in a way, all at the same time… Can someone step away from something successful, rewarding, popular, creative, to develop their art? Voluntarily? It blew my mind! And along with other changes in my life that same period, she inspired me to do the same in a much different scale obviously.

I have to say I’m not Rembrandt and won’t ever be. I’ll experiment and combine a lot of creative ideas to make something that feels unique and my own. Sure, everything has been done before, but I could do things my way. It could work. 

But, yes, she helped me define myself from a makeup artist to “just” artist… And I’m grateful to her for that. 

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Evi Michailidou - Artist - A Pretty Creative

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