I’m Evi Michailidou, I’m an artist who creates experiences made of art. I imagine my people experiencing rather than passively consuming content, ideas, products. All the things I create, art, videos, content, podcasts, is designed to be an actual experience, to be felt with all the senses. My products, my content, my art are as personal as a vision board, as stylish as a painting, as unique as art.

Evi Michailidou - Artist - A Pretty Creative
Evi Michailidou - A Pretty Creative - It's not art it's an experience

A pretty painting, a pretty notebook as much as a pretty girl can be much more than that, it can have a “secret” meaning and more depth without denying its beauty, without feeling less smart/educated/deep because of their beauty. We can and we have to give beauty, decoration, and art a personal meaning for ourselves, make it a tool for self-growth, and that way every beautifying routine will have a special purpose for us and will never ever feel shallow or vain.

My mission is to create art that’s about the owner, the collector. I don’t want you to intellectually think about the piece and try to understand “what does the artist want to say, what was she feeling when she did that stroke, what secret meaning has she hidden in the paint?”. My mission is to make everything about you

I created my business to merge my passions into products that can be both beautiful and meaningful, art and experience, spiritual and practical. I create physical and digital products that promote personal growth and personal style. My goals are to inspire action and offer a unique experience to every client, visitor, viewer.

The experiences I’m creating do teach, do help, but do not preach, or lecture. They take people to other places, give prompts about beauty, personal development, spirituality, well-being, luxury and always guide her to personalize them. I don’t want followers, consumers, audience. I want thinkers who will experience, feel, think and decide for themselves how the experience will feel and what the artwork will mean to them. What the experiences do, is give you the hints to start creating a beautiful life through beauty, using beauty as a tool. To work on a pretty creative self, without the whole process feeling like work, like another “to-do”.

“Evi has curated some of my favorite tools connected to spirituality, personal finance, and self-worth. I was not surprised whatsoever to learn that we share many of the same mentors.”
Carrie Anne James

founder of French is Beautiful

“This is SO beautiful and I love the perspective you bring to this. "Inner work will improve every aspect of your life" is so true.”
Reese Evans

founder of Yes Supply Collective

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A picture, a video, a fragrance, an audio, an actual artwork. I’m creating artistic experiences every day. Today’s unique project could be yours. Want to experience it?


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Have a creative project in mind? Can’t wait to hear about it! Drop me an email at hello@aprettycreative .com

If you just want to chat, I’m also available on Instagram’s DMs! I’d love to meet you! 

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