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Experience some Friday on Monday morning, with my brand new podcast “Hello, I’m Friday”. The podcast shares the same values as everything I create and is designed to be an experience. Through stories and visualization and my imagination combined with yours you’ll either get to spend time within the scene I create for you, or you’ll be guided to create one of your own.

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Art journaling as a mental vacation | Hello I’m Friday

my favorite symbolic act of sketch/ art journaling is to turn any "bad", negative feelings into pictures. Especially if you can't draw! Make them ugly, funny, messy. Demystify them and take away their power. Art Journaling Art journaling is a way of keeping a journal...

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In the first half of the podcast, we chat about the topic of the day, I share my thoughts with you and open up for conversation through comments and messages of yours. A promotion message follows, where I present to you an offering of mine or of a brand I happen to love and trust.

In the second part of the podcast, I take you through a scene, where using your imagination (and mine) you experience it with all your senses. You can either be active and create vivid images in your mind, behind your closed eyes or continue to listen passively, possibly on the background as you’ve been listening to the first part too.  I am always suggesting triggers for all your senses and I’m being very descriptive, but I intentionally leave room for your imagination and your own interpretation. 

Whether you choose to simply listen to me as I narrate it, or follow along and visualize the picture I’m “painting” for you, you still get to experience the scene and still get to imagine how it looks for you. 

Personalization is always very important to me in the experiences I create. I want you to have a unique, positive experience and trigger beautiful feelings or even memories. So, if I suggest you smell strawberries or smell coconut and you happen to hate them, feel free to replace them in your mind’s eye and fill in any blanks to make the whole experience pleasantly vivid and to your liking.

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La rentrée: My first back to school since 13 years ago!

La rentrée: My first back to school since 13 years ago!

To French people, la rentrée means much more than just “back to school”. One of the reasons is that in France (as much as in my country, Greece), August turns otherwise busy cities to ghost towns. August is the vacation month and everyone deserves vacation time. If...

Your insecurities sell | Hello I’m Friday

Your insecurities sell | Hello I’m Friday

The science, research and energy that lives behind a sales pitch is bigger, longer, smarter and much more powerful than the customer can imagine. Advertising is a huge industry for a reason. THAT'S WHY YOUR INSECURITIES SELL. In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be any...

Hello, I’m Friday! Welcome to my new podcast

Hello, I’m Friday! Welcome to my new podcast

"Friday" is, in fact, a personal name. It’s my name. I’m not being dramatic. I’m greek and my name is Evi, which is short for Paraskevi, which in Greek means Friday. So, yes, I actually am Friday! My new podcast Hello I'm Friday I‘m so happy to announce my new...

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I’ve created a (totally free!) issue exclusively for my podcast listeners. What you’ll get in it is a pdf issue with 3 letters by me, a piece of printable artwork and a video experience. Add your details below to get it now and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me.

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