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I’ve always had so many ideas… Sometimes I was too lazy to make them happen, other times I worked on them half-heartedly and on other occasions, I thought I couldn’t do anything and others I thought I could do all of them, but of course, I got overwhelmed and never done anything about them. Now that I know what I want, I know that I won’t work on all my ideas, and that’s totally fine. I feel very grateful that I always generate new creative projects, I get easily inspired and I never run out of exciting things to work on. For that reason, I’m more than happy to give away some of my ideas and I’d be thrilled to see any of them turning into a real-life project by you! 

Since I’ve been working as a makeup artist for 12 years, you’ll see that my ideas are about the beauty industry, but you can basically flip the business ideas around and make them fit any industry.

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Umbrella company

I love this idea because it doesn’t require any skills, you just need a very good accountant and do everything by the book. What you basically do is create a company and providing invoices to professionals that don’t have an established business. Of course, I’m not the first who’ve thought about it, but I’d specifically suggest this for makeup/beauty professions in Greece or any other areas that people mostly work without paying taxes.

Educate muas on a business level

Makeup artists, nail artists, stylists tend to not be educated enough about marketing and business matters. Like most small business owners don’t have the budget to hire a consultant and they often feel it’s not for them or worst they’re intimidated by the terms and never research how they can easily grow and promote their work. What I suggest is do what I started but then lost interest in the promotion phase: Take a few general business seminars yourself and then take all the information and strategies you’ll learn about, and adjust them to your profession (be it makeup or anything else). Make everything simple, but effective, with clear steps. Then promote it to your peers, people you know or promote it online.

Photography seminars for makeup artists

Every makeup artist wants to be able to capture their work effectively, beautifully and accurately. With smartphones having better and better cameras, it’s easier than ever, but they still all need to know some photography basics. If you know about photography, get everything that’s ever helped you with your work and share it with others. If you don’t know, collaborate with a photographer and run the seminars online or in person. Just avoid adding too much, too advanced information and always have in mind who you’re talking to and what they expect from you. They don’t want to start doing shootings for Vogue, they want to get decent photos of their work. Give them that.

Umbrella studio for muas

Imagine a fully equipped makeup studio, where makeup artists could book the lace and bring their clients in. Kind like a common workspace for makeup artists. You could even have a basic studio setup so they can film videos or take photos. They could pay by the hour and/or with a monthly/yearly subscription. Oh, I’d love to do that! But it doesn’t align with my current goals…

Collective studio for muas

Thankfully, more and more makeup artists collaborate and don’t see each other as competition. Having your own makeup studio could be too expensive or too much of a commitment, why won’t you share both the commitment and the expenses with one or more fellow artists? Haven’t you seen lasers or doctors do that? You could bring your clients, have a filming/photo shooting palace and/or arrange seminars and courses there! If only I’d thought about that 10 years ago!

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A Pretty Creative - Dream | Learn | Create
A Pretty Creative - Dream | Learn | Create

Online makeup university

I know, I know… It’s a lot different to take in person makeup lessons and thinking about a couple of my personal experiences (with Jean-Pierre Fleurimon and with Stavros Brezas), I’d never change that with a video course! But I might easily give up my 2-year training to learn from home… So so many people learn through YouTube and develop their skills, imagine what you could teach if you created content with actual curriculum and structure. I strongly believe that anyone could learn the basics, the theory, the history and techniques through video.

Create your makeup line easily

When someone thinks about creating a makeup line, they think about huge amounts of money, time and commitment. I won’t argue that it definitely takes a lot of resources! But, it doesn’t always have to be that complicated… Especially if you want to launch a limited edition product, or, say, a lipstick to celebrate your 10 years of teaching makeup. It all starts with a Google search like this “White label makeup”. Of course, you need to do a huge amount of research after that, but I have found ways to start with as little as 200 euros of order…

Shop with popup brands and trending products

I’ve had this idea for a makeup store… Imagine a store (physical or online) that stock on what’s trending each season. It won’t always have the same products. Can you remember the madness with the Naked palettes by Urban Decay? Especially the 1,2 and three were sold out from everywhere for months! That’s what I’m talking about. Stock on the things that each blogger is already talking about and you have a market already sold on something, eagerly trying to find it in stock! Now, I have an example, but don’t let the jokes that have been around, affect your judgment: It’s like a Lidl store. You’ll have collections, say, quarterly, based on the fashion trends and most importantly the blogger trends. When the things are sold out, they’re gone. You don’t even care to restock!

Collective magazine/blog

This would be even easier than the studio because a) it’s way cheaper and b) you can basically collaborate with makeup artists from anywhere in the country or the world! Setup a website and maybe a YouTube channel, decide on its style and theme and you all start creating regular content from home or even your common space!

You know what I LOVE the most about these? Almost every idea could be combined with another! Create your Online makeup university and your own cosmetics line, your Collective studio for muas and Collective magazine/blog, run business seminars and photography seminars for makeup artists. As long as the ideas talk to the same type of clients (makeup artists, aspiring makeup artist or the general audience), they complement one another and make wonderful combinations!

I am Evi and this is my idea of being A Pretty Creative Person

Until next time, Bonjour & Namaste!

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