beauty is a feeling

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See your “face & space” decoration (makeup and interior design) through a fresh set of eyes, explore what you expect of the beautiful things you have around, and how you want them to make you feel.

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No, we shouldn’t contour the face trying to make it look oval, or make the cheekbones look higher and the eyes look bigger. Unless it helps us feel the way we want to feel. Join me for a free training on how to start feeling beautiful today!

Evi Michailidou - A Pretty Creative - It's not art it's an experience

 had been working as a makeup artist for 10 years, and creating makeup videos on YouTube for 4, when I found myself in a constant shopping mode, quite broke, depended on others (in more ways than one) and feeling overall, well, unpleasant to put it elegantly. So I started questioning things. Is this what I wanted to do forever? Do I want to be that person? Who would look for the brightest moment of the day, in a brand new highlighter? I started looking at things with a whole new perspective, but I have to admit, I was carried away. I thought it was all “makeup’s fault”, that it was too shallow, that it reflected vanity and I was one step before quitting, when my mind shifted and I though: Beauty is a Feeling; How do you want to feel?

The same way that it’s not fire, money or chocolate that is evil, it’s how you use them that can be good or bad. It’s not makeup, it’s how you use makeup.

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beauty is a feeling

free training

An article, video, place, lipstick, crystal, book, toothbrush, a painting could make you feel more fit, successful, abundant, light, ‘at home’. They’re part of your world, they trigger your thoughts, which create your feelings. Learn how to use them to feel the way you want to feel, with my free training.