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I don’t want you to think about my art intellectually but

involve with it, get inside it, get to know it first and make it yours.

I’m Evi Michailidou and I’ve always been an artist. The first 12 years of my career I’ve been working with makeup as my main medium until I allowed myself to expand, experiment and evolve. I imagine my people experiencing rather than passively consuming content, ideas, products. 

Evi Michailidou - Artist - A Pretty Creative

It's an experience

Everything I do, art, videos, content on my magazine is designed to be an actual experience and is devoted to inspiring action. It can be fun, minimal, symbolic, emotional, personalized. Unique. 


What’s unique about my pieces, is that they’re part of a full experience. When I say it’s not just art, it’s an experience, I actually mean it. I don’t sell a decorative item. I sell a symbol and its meaning depends on you. 


My two-phased artworks contain a piece of art and a digital experience. One part completes and complements the other, even though they both could stand on their own, only together they are a full experience.


Usually, a piece of art is all about the artist. What they mean, what they feel, what they want to express. My goal is to leave room for your energy. I want you to own it, not just buy it. 

Evi Michailidou - A Pretty Creative - It's not art it's an experience
“Evi has curated some of my favorite tools connected to spirituality, personal finance, and self-worth. I was not surprised whatsoever to learn that we share many of the same mentors.”
Carrie Anne James

founder of French is Beautiful

“This is SO beautiful and I love the perspective you bring to this. "Inner work will improve every aspect of your life" is so true.”
Reese Evans

founder of Yes Supply Collective

A pretty painting, a pretty notebook as much as a pretty girl can be much more than that, it can have a “secret” meaning and more depth without denying its beauty, without feeling less smart/educated/deep because of their beauty. We can and we have to give beauty, decoration, and art a personal meaning for ourselves, make it a tool for self-growth, and that way every beautifying routine will have a special purpose for us and will never ever feel shallow or vain.

My mission is to create art that’s about the owner, the collector. I don’t want you to intellectually think about the piece and try to understand “what does the artist want to say, what was she feeling when she did that stroke, what secret meaning has she hidden in the paint?”. My mission is to make everything about you

I created my business to merge my passions into products that can be both beautiful and meaningful, art and experience, spiritual and practical. I create physical and digital products that promote personal growth and personal style. My goals are to inspire action and offer a unique experience to every client, visitor, viewer.

The experiences I’m creating do teach, do help, but do not preach, or lecture. They take people to other places, give prompts about beauty, personal development, spirituality, well-being, luxury and always guide her to personalize them. I don’t want followers, consumers, audience. I want thinkers who will experience, feel, think and decide for themselves how the experience will feel and what the artwork will mean to them. What the experiences do, is give you the hints to start creating a beautiful life through beauty, using beauty as a tool. To work on a pretty creative self, without the whole process feeling like work, like another “to-do”.


‘ve been working on makeup projects for 12 years before I started expanding and further evolving my art. I thought that doing makeup was the “commercial version” of being an artist, which had always been my dream.

When I was officially trained as a makeup artist, I started feeling less and less of an artist, moving away from my dream and living a “new” different life. I formed a new belief: “I’m not an artist, I’m a makeup artist”

Starting to dig into spirituality, I found different approaches to so many things that were non-negotiable in my mind prior to that. I started working on myself and found out that I was already an artist! When I shared my discovery with my man, he answered, “I know you are.” This change in my self-perception was a result of so much work with myself, so much reflection and mind-shifting, and he just knew? What else could people already know about me that I didn’t? Could there really be more? Since then, I’ve committed myself to constantly explore and re-invent myself.

``I love painting

…but that couldn’t be a real job (Right? Right?)”

“I love painting, but that couldn’t be a real job” (Right? Right?’) “brushes, colours, that’s close enough, I’ll be a makeup artist’”. Every single person that heard that line nodded with approval and ensured me that I’d made the right choice. And with every nod the dream kept moving further away.

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve found the reason why from the age of four (aka as long as I can remember myself), I wanted to be a hairdresser -which then lead me to be a makeup artist. The reason was: self-esteem and money issues. From the age of 4, almost to the age of 30, the same issues dictated my life choices. I was a Makeup Artist, a YouTuber, a Blogger. I felt tired, uninspired, and trapped in what a makeup artist should want, what a YouTuber should say, what a Blogger should aim for. The whole package could be a growing business, so it would seem dumb to give it all up. But I wasn’t having fun any more.

à Magazine - April issue - I want to feel light - A Pretty Creative - It's not art it's an experience

The ``cocoon year``

Before New Year’s 2017, I’d decided that this would be the “cocoon year” for me. I new I needed time. A year should be enough, but I was willing to give it even more time, if necessary. Of course, not everything went exactly as planned, but even the fact that I’d found the courage to start changing my whole life, is a success for me.

I basically created my own boot camp, educating, challenging and testing myself, through books, podcasts, articles. For the first time I was actually doing the work, not waiting for anyone to solve my issues or to save me. My favourite part was that I implemented (almost) all of my passions in this educational process, using beauty, art, technology, reading and writing, all together, to create the life I’ve been dreaming about. 

I found myself rejuvenated and re-inspired. The most important thing, though, was that I finally saw that everything I ever wanted and thought was not possible, actually was. I want to be an artist, but I can’t. I’ve always dreamed of living abroad, but I can’t. Or can I? My new answer whenever I thought “I can’t” became “Why not?”.

Here I am, a year later, writing these lines, not having found “my purpose”, rather the courage to pursue what I’ve always wanted and create a business out of it, even when people think it’s too hard.

A story told intended to involve you and make you part of it and it part of you. It’s not a book, a magazine, a sketchbook, a portfolio. It’s an experience.

My personal goals turned to business ones

To merge my passions into products that can be both beautiful and meaningful, art and experience, spiritual and practical. I create physical and digital products that promote personal growth and personal style. My goals are to inspire action and offer a unique experience to every client, visitor, viewer.

It’s been a while since I left the “shiny object syndrome” behind me! I’m not trying to market myself as a ‘spiritual leader’, a ‘coach’, a ‘teacher’, but as an artist and my products, my courses and art, as lifestyle products, even though their value, content and uses go way beyond decoration and entertainment.

My products are as personal as a vision board, as stylish as a painting, as unique as art.

Even more importantly, I get to share every step of the way with you, not to “guide you”, “help you” or “teach you”, but just to inspire you and motivate you and if you happen to learn something new, that’s an added bonus!

I don’t believe in end goals, it’s all an ongoing, evolving process. This is why I’m committed to consciously stay inspired and actively feel how I want to feel. I’m committed to to constantly Dream, Learn and Create.

While working on myself, I quickly found that my business was directly tied to my personal growth. I started seeing all the things that I ever created, all the things I was proud of, and those I destroyed, those I quit and killed. I searched what went wrong and why. I started creating my business portrait. Its history, its story, its vision. I did this to honor how far I’ve come, highlight where I am right now, and manifest the greater vision for my business, my brand, myself. I’ve done this a million times, handwritten, typed, on notebooks, on my phone’s notes, on Evernote, on Pages, and on paper pages. I’ve created Pinterest boards, vision boards, and chalkboards. I found what I want and I want to make art out of it, to find amusement in my mistakes and create something out of nothing. Literally, symbolically, artistically.

What I make is a creation between a magazine, a book, a portfolio. In a storytelling atmosphere, through my love for Paris, Art, Creativity, Beauty, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Dreams, my lessons learned are focusing less and less on me, and contain preach-free self-development prompts.

I can’t explain it, I can’t always understand it or analyze it. But I love it. If you ask me why art is important, why we need it, what does it offer, I can’t really answer without doing a little research and reproduce other people’s words. But I’m letting go of the need to justify my love for art. Of the fear of being judged for making my own art, for not knowing techniques or details of the Art History. I’ll always be educating myself. I’ll always be practicing techniques. I’ll always be playing with new creations, materials, and moods. And I can’t find this freedom anywhere else. The freedom is always being a beginner, a student. The liberation of not needing to prove anything or show off your expertise. The only thing I need is people who love what I do.

Are you one of them?   

Evi Michailidou - Artist - A Pretty Creative

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