I don’t know how

I want to feel

he ultimate expression of maturity, appears to be “knowing what you want” and then figure out how to get it. In other words be a “go getter”. But the truth is, we receive so many contradictory signals all day long, that’s so easy to get confused and actually not knowing what you want. That’s totally fine! There is a quick way to find out, if not for really deep and philosophical matters, at least for simple everyday things in life.

We are wired to think what we most don’t want -it’s not you, or me, it’s human nature- and even though this seems as a flaw, it’s actually the way to know how you want to feel. Simply think of what you don’t want, what you hate, what you’d love to change/ get rid of/ run away from right now and then reverse it to a positive statement. For example: “I don’t want to feel blue” turns into “I want to feel joyful”, “I don’t want to remember that thing even happened” turns into “I want to set myself free from this memory (you won’t actually forget the event, but you might be able to see it from another perspective, from a distance).

Do you want to go deeper into discovering How you want to feel? You have to click here and go to the goddess of the concept, Danielle Laporte.


Further guidance

Here’s a free downloadable meditation that will guide you through knowing how you want to feel.

Now, relevantly to the feelings of this issue, do you see any of the feelings you’ve been chasing after? Simply click on them and enjoy the content!





rom your life goals to your nail polish, your interior decoration and your mobile phone case, I believe everything we do, are and own should work together to make us feel the way we want to feel, to make us happy in a way.

I’m here to create shortcuts to the feelings we want to feel using my content and favourite places online and off. My goal is to immerse you in the experience of your own feelings, through things as simple as reminding you how much you love that bright lipstick (and that you should wear it more often), but also as deep as pieces of phycology, philosophy, poetry and art.

The content comes monthly, but I might create a few bits throughout the month. It’s totally free and open to everyone, but there are a few pieces kept for members only (while still free!). If you want to access the exclusive content, you can simply join the free membership here.

I’m not going to lie, I decided to create this content because I love it! It’s like a dairy and gratitude list for me. but I have a strong feeling you’ll love it too!

The question is: How do you want to feel?

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i! My name is Evi and I’ve been working as a makeup artist for 12 years. I’m passionate about beauty and design and I consider any kind of decoration (makeup included) to be the physical expression of one’s inner beauty and current mood. That’s why I’m committed to making beauty visible.

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